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Out-of-Home Media
All major forms of Out-of-Home media can provided and serviced by Billboard Central.
The following presentation details specifications, audience information and art requirements for all types of Outof-Home Media:

Painted Bulletins
Rotary Painted Bulletins
30-Sheet Posters
8-Sheet Posters

Our In-depth knowledge of markets enables us to select the most effective combination of media types and to
scrutinize creative execution in order to produce the greatest impact to the consumer. Cost effective quality
production services are also available at the best possible rates.

Off the Grid
Off the Grid is advertising unusual! Unique promotional performances can add a spark of excitement to any
advertising campaign.
Skydivers, hot air balloons, aerial banners and sky writing can all be contracted for your company or event with
one simple call to Billboard Central.
Only the most professional performers are contracted with Billboard Central. Each clients' special needs, locations
and and other variables require us to bid each project individually. Please call today to add some real adventure
to your next promotion.

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