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Our name says it all.....We are your central location for Outdoor Advertising.  Any Out-of-Home media exposure opportunity your business can imagine may be provided by Billboard Central.

Billboard Central is a unique company serving the Out-of-Home Media advertising needs of a wide variety of businesses large and small.  We specialize in planning, programming and implementing an audience specific, strategic outdoor campaign tailored to the needs of your business.

Each market has its unique strengths and weaknesses.  Each has its own demographic segmentation: upscale/middle income, blue collar/white collar, male/female, Caucasian/ethnic, etc.  Knowing how to target these varied groups is vital to the success of any media campaign.

By capitalizing on our individual market expertise, Billboard Central has the capability to plan and implement a local/regional or national outdoor program within each designated trade area.

Using all research data available, together with the shared knowledge of our client's target audience and marketing goals, we are able to deliver the most effective and cost-efficient Out-of-Home media programs possible.

All locations are pre-selected by our field personnel in accordance with each client's specific needs.  With over 60 years of combined experience, Billboard Central is your company's best way to  increase awareness, reach and frequency and enhance its overall media mix with the power of Out-of-Home advertising.


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